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Sheen Flame Gun

This trolley mounted weedgun keeps paths, drives & patios weed free. Flame, the oldest form of purification gives more power to your elbow with a Sheen GreenFlame' Flamegun. The 2000F degree controlled flame when directed at the base of weeds stops sap raising, so top growth dries out in a day or two. A second flame gunning consumes dried up weeds and weed seeds to leave a potash free residue and ground ready for conservation.

A Sheen Greenflame is invaluable for so many jobs in and around the garden at all times of the year. The basic hand held flamegun can be used with the flame confining hinged hood for inter row weeding between growing crops. Latched on to a wheeled trolley (an optional extra) it gives effortless weed control on even large areas of drives, paths, crazy paving or patios. In the Autumn the fierce portable heat helps promote garden hygiene by destroying rotting fruit, rubbish, lighting bonfires, sterilising staging and destroying infestations. Come the Winter, thaw pipes, clear ice and snow from paths, driveways etc.

All our Flameguns are fuelled by paraffin only. The principle of the greenflame is that of a pressure stove or blow lamp. Fuel is contained in an air tight tank and is forced into the burner via control valve by air pressure supplied by the built-in-pump. The fuel is pre-heated and vaporised for passing through a helically wound coil. The flame produced by this means gives maximum efficiency with a core temperature on all models of 2000F.

Gas tank
Pressure gauge
Gas flow control valve burner
Lugs for hinged hood

Controls weeds organically
No poison hazards for crops, soil, pets or wildlife
Kills disease spores and harmful bacteria
Fast, easy & inexpensive
Thawing pipes
Weed killing
Rough ground clearance
Surface sterilisation
Inter row weeding




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